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Experience - How Can Help You?

The real estate market in Eastern Washington is unique in its own and can be daunting, even to lifelong residents of the area. Changes in your life along the journey often dictate where you will live, for how long, and in what type of home. A barrage of questions come up, and often, you do not even know the questions to ask. That is why I am here for YOU ~ to guide you thru the process and anticipate your questions and needs.
My goal is to make the transaction journey as easy and pleasant as possible as you go through a maze of potentially stressful situations - in the midst of learning an entire new vocabulary as well! The real estate path is complicated and ever-changing with new laws and regulations daily. I stay on top of these challenges by keeping current on my real estate education and can provide superior services in all aspects of the transaction.
I am dedicated, honest, hard working and willing to do that *extra* for your real estate needs. I will take care of you with your best interest in mind from beginning to end ~ as well as beyond the transaction.

Specialty Areas

First Time Home Buyers
New Construction
Finding dirt to build on
Resale of a current home or income property
Finding the right property for your real estate needs

Who Is Ruth Dingfield?

I am a normal real estate consumer and have lived in Washington all my life, experiencing both Western and Eastern sides. My husband and I have lived in 13 homes during our 40+ yrs, going thru new construction, designing our own homes and having the joys of complete remodeling as well. I have been thru the highs and lows of real estate and interest rates so I truly understand the roller coaster ride that is involved in moving, selling and buying homes.
My original degree is in Dental Hygiene, then was fortunate enough to become involved in the flight attendant world, both commercial and private corporate jets. But it is real Estate that challenges me the most: guiding first time home-buyers thru the buying process, helping buyers anticipate the next move, and shouldering the burdens that can often make an even-keeled person come unglued. Throw in a few detective skills to help the puzzle come together with a grand finish ~ now that is a GOOD day!
We have 2 grown children, both married, with 3 granddaughters.  My husband Bill, is also a real estate Broker so you really get 2 for 1 when you enlist our services. We are active in our local church, enjoy traveling, cooking & baking, walking, building homes and we are crazy Do-It-Yourselfers. We are Baby Boomers and Empty Nesters, accompanied by our dog, who is a Toy Fox/Jack Russell Terrier mix, with a mind of her own.